Future's Past by Kate Raudenbush
Future's Past by Kate Raudenbush
Featured Artist:

“Future's Past”

By: Kate Raudenbush - www.kateraudenbush.com

Installation in place May 01, 2012 to May 01, 2013

      We are very excited to now have permanent power installed in the art oval, which will allow for this spectacular art installation and all future installations, to be illuminated at night. It is with great gratitude that we thank all of our donors for the power installation. they are:

Hayes Valley Merchant donors:
Mad Will’s Food Group; Absinthe, Arlequin, Amphora and Boxing Room, Nomads Clothing, Ver Unica, Through The Hayes Optometry, Age Song, Suppenkuche, Suppenkuche Beer Garden, Nabila’s, Marlena’s, The Original Hayes and Kebab, Headlights, Fiddlesticks, Cisco Home, Lavish, Yoga Tree, Patxi’s Pizza, McRoskey’s, True Sake, Rickshaw Stop, Zonal

Hayes Valley Neighborhood Assn.
Individuals: Lee Walkup, Robin Leavitt, Bob Barnwell, Larry Cronander

The Hayes Valley Art Coalition is proudly supported by the Black Rocks Arts Foundation in the installation of Future's Past by Kate Raudenbush

Support this project by making a tax-deductible donation at: www.blackrockarts.org/projects/hayes

BRAF is a 501(c)# Non-Profit Organization, Federal Tax Exempt ID #91-2130056

Future's Past is a sculptural modern ruin, an architectural artifact found in the future. Once a monument to man's technological advancement, this steel pyramid of system circuitry has been abandoned to time and left to seed. In it's place, a monument to nature grows from its roof. The roots of a Bodhi tree reclaim the relic of our Future's Past in her embrace, symbolizing the end of consumptive collapse and the beginning of a balanced, symbiotic relationship with the natural world.

Futures Past is a sculptural environment of two contrasting worlds. The 12-foot pyramid reflects the architectural temples of the renowned collapsed civilization of the Maya. The tree honors the jungle ruins of Ta Prohm in Angkor, Cambodia. Together they illustrate a cautionary tale for our modern world an dour digital gods, with an interior alter that holds a black sand hourglass that marks the passing of an era of unbridled over consumption and pollution. It's purpose is to foster an awareness of the effects of our actions in the present moment: our future's past is now.

The laser-cut welded steel sculpture reaches 24 feed in height and weighs 7,000 pounds. The pyramid welcomes explores inside at the ground level but is not climbable.


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